Fish Hawk TD.



The Fish Hawk TD Digital At-Depth Water Temp Gauge gives all anglers critical water temp and depth information essential for more consistent catches. Thanks to highly accurate temperature and water pressure sensors, the Fish Hawk TD provides an accurate water temperature profile of the entire water column by showing the water temperature at 5-feet intervals of depth down to 300-feet. The Fish Hawk TD also reveals the true running depth of copper, leadcore, and dispsey lines.

The Fish Hawk TD Digital At-Depth Water Temp Gauge provides water temp and depth info displayed on the built-in LCD screen. It is versatile for fresh and saltwater environments, on lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, for fishing walleyes, lake trout, rainbows, kings, or kokanee. The TD Gauge's electronics and lithium battery are molded-in for years of leak-proof service.

Standard features of the Fish Hawk TD Digital At-Depth Water Temp Gauge include:

  • Shows the water temp every 5 feet, down to 300'
  • Highly accurate temp sensor, displays F or C
  • Shows maximum drop depth to tell you how deep copper, leadcore, or Dipsies are running
  • Highly accurate pressure sensor, displays in feet or meters
  • Weight 2.72 ounces
  • One-year warranty, five-year battery life guarantee
  • Heavy-duty snap for line attachment
  • Max Depth Mode which pinpoints depth to the nearest foot
  • Made in the USA


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