Fish Hawk X4D Temp, Speed & Depth with Bluetooth.



Fish Hawk X4D System with Bluetooth

Knowledge is power. The Fish Hawk X4D gives you the knowledge to catch more fish. You'll know true lure running speed, which is critical for consistent fish-catching success.

You'll know water temperature at lure running depth. This helps you fish the optimal part of the water column.

You'll also know true depth. No need to guess where your lures are really running!

"The Fish Hawk X4+Depth is as instrumental in finding and catching fish as a sonar or GPS unit. The ability to know both water temperature and trolling speed at depth separates the men from the boys in the world of open water trolling."

X4D System Features

  • Wireless digital data transmission
  • Magmum digit LCD and mount
  • Wireless digital data transmission
  • Easy to use with any downrigger
  • Fully sealed, leak-proof electronics
  • Water-sensitive auto ON/OFF
  • Flashing LED indicates power ON
  • Breakaway cannonball safety
    cable included
  • Operates on 4AA batteries
  • Extended battery life (100+ hours)
  • One-year warranty

X4D System includes

  • Magnum digit LCD and mount
  • X4D probe with breakaway safety cable
  • Fish Hawk transducer with mounting hardware
  • Power cable

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