Nano Minnow, 3,3g, 6cm, BLK/GLD "Black Gold"


Nano Minnow: 6cm, 3,3 gram, fiskdjup 0,3 - 1 meter.

The Nano Minnow features lifelike 3-D eyes, highly reflective prism finish, and quality Matzuo® hooks. Delicately weighted and balanced to provide optimal action whether casting, twitching, or trolling. All of these methods will display the tight wiggle of this bait.

Little lures with big fish-catching appeal, these versatile mini-baits promote powerful strike responses from Salmon, Trout, Perch and Bass. Sure to be a favorite among ultra-light fishermen and those who ply their trade in heavily fished waters. The Nano Minnow floats at rest but dives 0-3 feet when retrieved.

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  • Tillverkad av: Matzuo

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