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The Salsa Flasher is designed to enhance the performance and movement of lures used in trolling and to stimulate prey fish to attack. With its wide variety of swimming actions and extremely easy adjustment options, the Salsa Flasher takes the performance of flies, wobblers, spoons and bait holders to an entirely new level. Well suited to a wide range of trolling speeds, the Salsa Flasher is ideal for trolling for all prey fish. The Salsa Flasher features five different (L1–L5 and R1–R5 ) barrel-shaped swimming actions which spin around the longitudinal axis, both clockwise and anticlockwise. The radius and frequency of the spinning action is adjusted by changing the connection point. In addition, the flasher features two connection points in the middle, which produce differently bucketing and erratic swimming actions (C1 and C2). The Salsa Flasher also includes a continuous control mechanism for quick and easy adjustment of leader length. The versatile adjustment options offered by the Salsa Flasher allow you to choose the most suitable and effective action to match your fishing technique and the prevailing weather conditions.

The Salsa Flashers are equipped with high quality ball bearing swivels and premium grade leader line. The product is supplied with spare snaps and clamping tube


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