Platil Souverän Megabulk, Clear, 0,45mm, 17,5kg, 5200m.


Just nu kanonpris, passa på!!!!!

PLATIL® SOUVERÄN den extremt mjuka, starka och smidiga linan. Tekniken är patenterad World-wide. Färg: Medium grön. Uppgiven brottstyrka är enligt svensk standard (utan knut).

The strongest line from Platil®, produced by the German manufacturer leading in quality, progress and development for over 50 years. You feel it immediately, the superior suppleness, the elasticity adapted to breaking strain, and the inexhaustible strength enabling your professional casting and trolling of lures are the factors which ensure best catches. Its optimized surface coating provides persuasive fray and abrasion resistance. You’ve got an outstanding strength in the knotted line as well. A smaller diameter of Platil® Souverän in comparison to other lines with similar rated pound tests allows for more natural bait presentation. Retains strength and suppleness in extremely low temperatures! Made in Germany.

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  • Tillverkad av: Platil

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