Scotty djupriggsutlösare TC2.


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We at Trollingcenter have been using this form of downrigger releaser for many years. It does not damage the downrigger wire and is easy to use. It is also a much more suitable releaser for those using nylon, dyneemafiber or other forms of downrigger line.

It consists of 2 Scotty Power Grip, a 45cm nylon line, large beteslås and a safety clip.

Place the safety clip around the downrigger line and close it. Then place the downrigger line as far as possible into the Scotty Power Grip. The fishing line is then placed as far as needed into the other Scotty power grip depending on the size of fish you are fishing for.

Trollingcenters tips:
Click on the LINK to see a picture of a releaser much like this in use, but the one in the picture has one small and one big Scotty power grip and not two larger Scotty power grips like this one.


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